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Considering than others persons are using in an improper way the documents of recognizing having from the Regal House Paternò Castello Guttadauro d’Ayerbe d’Aragona de Carcaci and d’Emanuel represented from Highness of Regal The Prince Don Thorbjon Patternò Castello de Carcaci.

Just for that we intend to specify that since on year 2003 Don Louis Scerri Montaldo is covering the commission of Grand Chancellor from Command of Collazione O.S.J. Cavaleri from Malta like Leader Sovereign The Prince of Grand Master Highness Regal The Prince Don Roberto Il Paternò Castello di Caracaci.




The Constitution was regular registered and stocked for the beginning on Beirut in Liban and then stocked from the Notary Michel Gampert in Geneva and the article 19 was saying:

“The Prince is the Big Master and he is the constitutional heredity Leader of the Command. He is invest with all old rights and traditional prerogatives due or inherent Sovereignty it’s commission and it could be exerted in the Council.

When heredity lineage reach a scope or a succession it is impossible, it is choose by the Supreme Council.

Articolo 19 della Costituzione O.S.J. Cavalieri di Malta

In 2003 Don Louis Scerri Montaldo from own initiative invent a Branch of the Command that he wants to name it “Capitolare” superior on Constitution forcefulness it promulgate a new Constitution.

Hereby of “Capitulare Command” couldn’t be concede any honor title inherent “Fons Honorum”.

In 2009  Highness Regal The Prince Don Thorbjon Paterno Castle de Carcaci Sovereignty The prince The Grand Master O.S.J. Cavaleri from Malta, regular success of Father The Prince Don Roberto II, having the scope to avoid confusions, he had intended to legitimate this branch of Command giving it Regal Protection and recognize Don Louis Scerri Montaldo 76° Grand Master.

We are specifying that the Regal Highness The Prince Don Thorbjon I Paterno di Carcaci doesn’t abdicated (abdicate: to renounce solemn on the power of sovereign) on succession of Command O.S.J  from Collazione specifying always Sovereign Gran Maestranza with all the facilities and prerogatives inherent Fons Honorum that it is unsuppressed the right from birth.

The family Paterno Castello di Carcaci have collect in Italy numerous sentence (tribunal unified from Bari, 03.03.1952 n. 485 // 05. 06. 1964, n. 119, from Penal Court from Pistoia // Common Tribunal from Ragusa 17.02.2003, n. 177 // Common Tribunal from Ragusa 05.11.2009 n. 709 that it is recognized of this branch the legal function “Fons Honorum” or the faculty to concede and to confirm coat of arms, advantages for according of habitants on which were exerting powers Sovereign more than the establishment right, resume, reform, exert Gran Magostero of Command Chivalrous of Familiar Collection that it is transmit from father to son like entailment.

- Pretura Unificata di Bari

- Tribunale Penale di Pistoia

- Pretura Unificata di Roma

- Decreto di Ferdinando II Re del Regno delle Due Sicilie

- Primo Decreto di Francesco II Re del Regno delle Due Sicilie

- Secondo Decreto di Francesco II Re del Regno delle Due Sicilie

- Dinastia Sovrana Paternò Castello Ayerbe Aragona

- Reclamati i privilegi sull'antico Reame delle Baleari

- Decreto di Alfonso di Borbone Re del Regno delle Due Sicilie

- Mugnus

- Sentenza del Tribunale Ordinario di Ragusa 2003

- Sentenza del Tribunale Ordinario di Ragusa 2009

For all of this

We are diffident

Whoever use the documents emit from Regal House Guttadauro d’Ayerbe d’Aragona di Carcaci and Emanuel with the unique scope of  creating ulterior confusions and falsification of the confirmed truth.




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